Teen Depression
Depression is affecting many teens inAmerica. The teens that do become depressed may severely be affected and may it effect there decisions. World wide, people are wondering what makes teens so depressed? Many teens as well as adults want to know how to tell if they are depressed? Too many of children including parents are worried that if there teens become depressed, how would they deal with it and how they could help there child? There is not always a cure. So forms of depression can be treated with medication and others are self absorbent. Some things in life are out of our control. All you have to do is make an attempt to change the circumstances.

What makes Teens Depressed
Teens are easily victims of depression. So many things can make teens depressed; having a fight with a friend, a bad break-up and even friends moving away ("Depression For Teens").
Some teens become depressed because they are bullied and feel as if they have no voice. They feel worthless and unwanted. Family life also plays a big role, they could become depressed because there parents are fighting, or there getting a divorce. It can also have to do with there insecurities, as sexual orientation, body type, and even social status. (“Web MD”) Some teens can’t help if they feel depressed. Some teens don’t even realize. Many teens as well as parents want to know how to tell if themselves or there child is depressed.

How to Deal with Depression
Teens deal with depression everywhere, but how can they be certain if they are depressed. Some signs of depression can be loss of appetite, which also can result to anemia and bulimic. They can also seem very tense and irritable. They may be shut outs, where they aren’t involved in anything, no sports or school activities, they may not even hang out with friends. They may result to isolation from everyone and even bust out crying for no reason (“Signs of Depression Depression Resource”). A number of teens become suicidal and in many cases end up taking there own life. They also may act out and get into a lot of trouble. That’s a depressed person’s way of asking for attention, or is trying to tell you something without actually saying it. Most teens can’t help if they become depressed, sometimes it’s out of our control. If you or someone you know is depressed try helping them. There are many ways to help a depressed person.

Signs of Depression
People who are depressed can’t always control it. It can spiral out of proportion. Dealing with depression is not easy or quick it does take a long period to overpower depression. (Smith, Segal, and Jeanne). There are many ways you can help yourself and someone you know. A good way to help is to help the person realize they are depressed. Some ways to help without medication is add in more exercise, and try not to isolate from others. If you keep yourself from others you become socially deprived and that can make depression worse. Depression can also be caused by stress and they way to become better is to remove things that stress you out. If it comes to where you are suicidal, you should result to seeing a doctor. If and when you see a doctor they will tell you more ways to help. Some doctor’s outcome is to give medicine to help. They might also inform you to try and take fish oil and vitamins, maybe even folic acid (How to Deal with Depression). Depression can just be a phase, but it also can be a long lasting situation.

Depression is effecting many teens inAmerica. Something’s in life our out of our control, all you have to do is realize and maybe things will change. Teens can easily become depressed by some many things; Family issues, and school issues. All you have to do is understand what is happening and be sure that you are depressed. If you aren’t sure read about, go see a doctor. It is always ok to seek help. That is the only way you will get better. Don’t let depression control you, or your life.

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